Our Story

Alohu was formed by a group of guys trying to answer a puzzling question, almost by accident.


The Unexplained Mystery

We were young men at the time, new to the scene of clubbing, late nights at bars, and going out as a whole. It didn't take long before we noticed that a small percentage of the guys in venues always get a disproportionate amount attention. We weren't terrible ourselves, but these dudes were on another level, and everyone could feel it. Whether it be from women or other guys, this tiny fraction of men were getting all the eyeballs and having all the interesting conversations.


It wasn't long before we noticed that this applies to women as well. Surprisingly, we weren't all that jealous or envious, for the most part. More than anything, we were curious. Why was this happening? What were these guys doing? Was it something we could learn and apply ourselves?


Every time we saw something like this happen, we would note the situation and keep an eye on it. Clothes, jewelry, eye-color, hair style, shoes, height - we would observe and test everything. On one particular night - it dawned upon us.


The Realization

The reason why all these guys were able to have so much social success had to do with what they were radiating to their environment. It wasn't about the jewelry or the shoes (although they might have helped). It was about confidence and the kind of guys they came off as.


Obvious as it may sound, this was a big realization for us because it meant that we could study and learn this skill. We got to work, going over some common themes we saw in these men - their body language, facial expressions, clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.


Coincidence or Correlation

One thing we noticed was that a lot of these dudes were actually not dressed as you would expect. For the most part, they dressed pretty casually and were hardly ever iced-out. In fact, many of them wore - you guessed it - Hawaiian shirts. This wasn't an overarching theme, but statistically speaking, it was more than you would think. We didn't pay much attention to this at first, as the Hawaiian shirt trend had already started to pick up by this time.


The point was that - it seemed as if these guys weren't using clothes as tools to flex but as extensions of their personality. More accurately, as we soon figured out - their clothes were used as an extension of the personality they wanted to give off.


Putting our Theory to The Test

It was time to test our new knowledge. 

We actually didn't need to change much about our physical appearance. It was mainly about deciding on the type of vibe we wanted to give off and the body language we would use to do it. There was, however, one article of clothing that we decided to try out. The Hawaiian shirt.


We would love to tell you that there was a long period of experimenting and failing, but things actually went really smooth from the beginning, Socially - we were doing a lot better. Each one of us, in his own time, became - "that guy". It felt great.


Magic Shirts?

Could it be that our success was due to solely to our cool Hawaiian shirts? No. However, they did end up being pretty helpful. Mainly, they were good conversation starters. Even random comments like - "I like your shirt" get you a long way. In addition, wearing something chill and comfortable made us feel, well, chill and comfortable.


It wasn't long before we fell in love with the modern style of Hawaiian shirts. There is no shame in admitting - we started wearing them everywhere.


Reinventing the Hawaiian Shirt

Funny enough, despite our new love for Hawaiian shirts, we couldn't find many that we liked. Most of them were ugly, bland, or only suitable for the beach. Getting increasingly frustrated, we decided to stop waiting on the big brands and set out to find the style we were looking for. After more than enough searching we still didn't find the exact shirts we wanted.


So, we started designing them for ourselves.


The idea was simple - to design shirts that would encourage and radiate confidence and could be worn both to the beach and to a party.


The Birth of Alohu

Within a few weeks we had already started to wear our own shirts. And then a peculiar thing happened. People started asking about our shirts, often offering to pay us to make them one. So we made more. And more. And more.


People went crazy for the shirts. Some even reported the same effects that we ourselves had started experiencing not long before. When the number of requests became too big to handle on our own, we knew that we had created something big. This was something that men all over the world needed to experience.


So we took all the best designs we found and put them up in one place.


And so - Alohu was born.


A Bridge Between You and Your Ideal Self

We believe that what you wear can be used as a convenient and easy bridge towards the type of person you want to become. Our goal is to enable every guy to dress with confidence and elegance, while feeling comfortable and at ease. Already, we are fortunate enough to see our dream realized every day.


Here is what we stand for:


Our Values

  1. Think it Into Existence - Your thoughts and feelings shape your reality. Perceive yourself how you want others to perceive you.

  2. Embrace the Modern - The only way to thrive in society is to be willing to give opportunity to new social ideas.

  3. Be Confident - Confidence is a necessary prerequisite to making the change you want in the world.

  4. Fuck boring - Life is too short and unrewarding to be like the boring majority of people.


Our Mission

Our mission: To enable every person to be "that person".