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  • Good Vibes

    Radiate confidence while remaining casual. Come off as the guy who didn't spend too much time on his outfit but still looks sharp and fresh.

  • Comfortable

    Feel relaxed and ease your mind by dressing comfortably. Our shirts are made from the highest quality materials, making them breathable, soft, and stretchy.

  • Versatile

    Don't waste time thinking about what to wear. Alohu shirts makes total sense for the beach, as well as parties, bars, and everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your shirts safe for washing machines?

We recommend washing in cold or warm water, as it is best for the fabric. For drying, you can tumble dry on a cool setting or air-dry without exposure to direct sunlight.

Where should I wear this shirt?

Our shirts are designed to be worn anywhere.

The reason that Hawaiian shirts have become so popular in recent years is because they fit every occasion. Whether you are going to the beach, the club, or the bar, they make perfect sense.

Some Hawaiian shirts, however, are still limiting in terms of their use. The uniqueness of Alohu shirts is that they are created to be both casual and formal. Don't believe us? Have a look for yourself.

What can I wear this with?

Pretty much any pair of pants or jeans will work well, short or long. We like to keep it simple and usually go with smooth, one-color pants.
For shoes - literally anything. Low top, high top, flip flops, it all works.
Accessories are the easiest. Chances are any accessory you have will compliment the shirt well.

What happens if the size is bad?

No problem!

If you got a wrong size, contact us and let us know. We will instruct you on how to return your shirt, and send you a new one as soon as possible.

Who Are We

Alohu was formed by a group of regular guys while trying to uncover the connection between clothes, confidence, and commanding attention. We believe that what you wear can be used as a convenient and easy bridge toward the type of person you want to become. Our mission is to enable every person to be "that person".

Our Story